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To us Construction Management is “The art of directing and coordinating team and material resources throughout the life of a project by applying modern management techniques to achieve predetermined objectives of scope, cost, schedule and quality.”


We believe “Teamwork” is the key to a successful project.  Construction Management allows the Team (Owner, Architect, Construction Manager, and Sub-contractors) to focus on common goals such as Schedule (Time), Budget and Quality.  More ideas equal better ideas by working in harmony.


As your Construction Manager, we will work alongside the Owner, Architect, and Engineers to optimize project design, schedule, and cost. We negotiate a guaranteed maximum cost based on design documents that, although typically incomplete, reflect the anticipated scope of the project, ensuring our cost meets the clients expectations. We also completely bid all trades contracts to ensure our client receives the lowest price from qualified sub-contractors. Always a team player, we are known for our conceptual strength and skill in flushing out design to field conditions and our continued focus on solving conflicts positively and collaboratively rather than merely cutting costs.